WeftWorks returns to the stage with Before/After, a brand new show featuring costumes, props, and puppet creatures made out of discarded objects and repurposed packaging materials. The production is divided into two parts. The first, Before/, explores how our hyper-connected, on-demand culture impacts our relationship to self, others, & nature. Why, when anything can be acquired with a click, do we still feel empty? The second part, /After, imagines the resurgence of nature in a post-human world— an all-too-possible outcome given the environmental destruction that is powered by unchecked global capitalism.

The in addition to dance, puppets, and masks, the production also features video and stop motion animation by filmmaker Chris Hallock.  Artistic Director Sarah Carr designed the production and created the costumes, set, and props using bubble wrap, recycled cardboard boxes, discarded water bottles, and repurposed textiles. The emphasis on reclaimed materials is meant to provide a visual account of the environmental cost of consumerism, but also shows how, with creativity and ingenuity, a new world can be constructed from the things we thoughtlessly discard.

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